Retrospective exhibition devoted to Corneille Schiedam Museum


The Foundation Guillaume Corneille is pleased to announce the retrospective exhibition devoted to Corneille
Schiedam Museum
September 23rd 2018 until February 3rd 2019


Seventy years after CoBrA was created, the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam honours one of the prominent founders of this international art movement: Corneille Guillaume Beverloo, best known by his first name. This extensive retrospective shows the colourful work that gained Corneille (1922–2010) international recognition, together with his sources of inspiration, the way he was influenced by other artists, his passion for long journeys and his love of African ethnographics. In short, this presentation takes you on a journey into his world, the universe of this important post-war artist.  


During his CoBrA period Corneille made expressive and spontaneous drawings and paintings, which betray a strong joie de vivre and desire for freedom. After 1953 this style gave way to more abstracted landscapes. In his late, more figurative work paradisaical scenes and the relationship between man and nature are central. Women are surrounded by birds amidst colourful vegetation. Corneille, his world comprises almost 60 paintings, some 15 gouaches / water colours and about 25 ethnographic objects, and demonstrates that his work has remained fresh and compelling to this very day.    


To Corneille, the bird was the symbol of freedom par excellence. He said: "The bird – and the same is true of me – is the one who is always on a quest, who has to find 'food' and fly constantly, destined to keep moving." Coincidence or not, but the literal meaning of the name Corneille is 'crow'.

Le Musée Privé Contemporary Art Magazine particularly appreciates this quality artist who has marked the history of art

Corneille Schiedam Museum  September 23rd 2018 until February 3rd 2019

International artist

Corneille was one of the first CoBrA artists to have success on an international basis. His work was exhibited all over the world. But he enjoyed mounting acclaim with a wide audience especially with his ceramic plates, neckties, beer cans, wine labels, and even a Corneille tramcar and hot air balloon. In Schiedam the emphasis is on his artistry in painting, drawing and graphic work.  

Schiedam Museum
Hoogstraat 112 - 3111 HL SCHIEDAM - Nederland 

Fondation Guillaume Corneille - Schana B Gallery
Rue des Minimes 7
Brussels 1000



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