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Bernard LOCCA (1926–1997) huile sur papier 65 x 50 cm signée en bas à droite et datée 70, intitulée "Masque humain". Bernard LOCCA (1926–1997) huile sur papier 65 x 50 cm signée en bas à droite et datée 70, intitulée "Masque humain".
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Bernard LOCCA (1926–1997)

About the artist:

The painter Bernard Locca was born in Saint -Brieuc in 1926. Montmartre portraitist Son of Italian immigrants, after going to the Fine Arts, he made his classes in Montmartre in fifty years when he opened his first shop. Man of the people , there gladly bite the kids in Paris , the daubers , the costermongers . He became over the years a recognized artist and especially a renowned portraitist . He met Bernard DIMEY , Marcel Ayme and Gen PAUL who become close friends as well as FIP , BREL or Maurice Chevalier . Then handed over brush constantly at work , his signature is valuable. Enlightened collectors appreciate . It performs custom portraits of Simone Signoret , Mime Marceau , Valery Giscard d'Estaing . And Charles Aznavour , Auguste Le Breton , Jean YANNE or his good friend Christian BERNADAC become loyal fans. Exhibitions in the United STATES The President of the United States, Lyndon B. JOHNSON, acquired one of his finest works of the moment at which he made ​​the New York Times. His paintings are then exposed between Paris , New York and Chicago. Its customers to name the movie producer Frank Ross , the actor James Stewart , Henry Ford II , and many others ... But in parallel , homesick the taps . Illustrations of the newscast Back in Paris , he became artistic adviser TF1. He collaborated with his friend Roger Gicquel in the illustration of news. From 1971 to 1976 he sketched a stroke the faces that make the news . Brittany Despite of this success, Bernard Locca , which simply considers " a good worker in the work of art " remains committed to his beloved Britain. It is a modest and friendly man, a loyal friend , and he did not rat a chance to find his buddies thirty years been Binic or even in St Brieuc . His hometown btw will acquire a portrait of the writer Louis Guilloux with whom he has forged links with a real mutual respect. A formidable cartoonist "We often share the same artistic emotions," says the novelist Auguste Le Breton who knows since the sixties. " his portraits were executed hot exellents ! was a perfectly dreadful cartoonist." Illustrations He produced illustrations for " Ballad of Reading Gaol " of Oscard WILDE, " Mary- Anne " by Daphne Du Maurier Albin Michel . Most recently he participated in the illustration full of Hervé Bazin with Jean CARZOU works , Jean JANSEM , Leonor FINI BRAYER Yves Alain BONNEFOIT etc ... Modestly, he said: " I ​​have no other pretensions to be a witness painter that I love, moved by life, and hopefully beyond fashion I 'd just leave a small track . so that we can , perhaps , follow my trail. " Bernard Locca died Oct. 9, 1997.



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