Hashimoto Contemporary exhibition by Los Angeles-based Seonna Hong

Exposition d'art

Hashimoto Contemporary
210 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002

Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Liminal Space, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based Seonna Hong. Liminal Space will be the artist's third solo exhibition at Hashimoto Contemporary, in which she will be exhibiting a new series of mixed media expressionistic landscapes on canvas, that continue the exploratory adventures of her iconic characters.

Contemplating the transitional phases in life, the artist looked to the concept of liminal space for inspiration, the places and times in life where one is on the threshold of change. Described as being neither "here nor there," this in-between period of time in life can create a feeling of not just anxiety, but also joy and excitement for whats to come.

Seonna Hong Biophilia mixed media on canvas
Swirling and serene landscapes with dream-like narratives prevail in the artists work, with figures and animals dispersed throughout the scene. Focusing more on the landscape itself than its inhabitants, these landscapes serve as a vehicle for memory, drawing on the viewer to fill in the storylines. As the artist continues to move away from planning the compositions ahead of time, her works are infused with a sense of spontaneity, applying bold, gestural fields of black to the plane.


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