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Zoé B – 柔伊·B

Painter Artist and Psychiatrist, the inner world is for Zoé B an inspiration and Art its expression. Painting was her first therapy, soon fueled by a growing interest for psychology and symbolism while opening herself to spirituality, including the study of biblical texts and meditation. Such an introspective period led her to start an analysis and train to later become a Psychiatrist “in free awaken dream”. In her everlasting quest of sense, Zoé B discovered the symbolism of the Hebrew Letters. After a few years of study and personal research on the topic, she approached the Art of calligraphy in 2005 with renowned calligrapher Frank LALOU. Such an almost daily practice deeply influenced her painting which grew in terms of expression and accuracy. Whether it comes to painting, calligraphy, psychiatry or spirituality, the corner stone of her artistic statement is the try to understand and apprehend humanity in all its complexity. Her Artworks, definitely modern, amaze, surprise, and even disturb sometimes but always invite the viewer to let go and to the introspection.

自從柔伊·B (Zoé B) 受到精神分析的培訓以來,內心世界就是他的一個靈感來源及表達的藝術⽅式。繪畫作為他的第一個藝術治療,很快地便開啟了他對心理學及符號學的濃厚興趣。同時,藉由聖經⽂本的研讀和冥想,打開了他對靈性的⽣活。在這段時期的內省他進行了分析,而後在“自由醒夢”之中訓練心理分析專家。ZoéB在對意義的永恆追求中,發現了希伯來字母的象徵意思。經過幾年的學習與個人研究,在2005 年向著名書法家弗蘭克·拉魯 Frank LALOU 接觸了書法藝術。這個幾乎每日的操練影響了他的作品,使他的表現力與精準度都得到了提升。無論是繪畫、書法、精神分析還是靈性,他論述的基石都是試圖明白和理解人性所有的復雜性。他的作品充滿堅定的現代性,令人著迷、驚奇,儘管時而令人不安,但卻又總是能讓人放下與內省。

Infinitive number 8 / 不定式第八號, 2019  © Zoé B

Through the specific use of dripping which results in the body fragmentation, Zoé B takes us to the other side of the mirror, where life is only movement, impermanence and unpredictability. Her bodies dance, jump, explode and let go, therefore unveiling the impetuosity of movements which are the core of any life.

柔伊·B (Zoé B)透過滴畫的特殊技巧產生的身體碎裂效果,帶領我們來到鏡⼦的另一端,在那裡,一切都僅是運動,無常和不可預測。他身體的舞蹈、旋轉、爆發和遺棄,意味著一切生命基礎中內心活動的急躁。

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