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Ilana RAVIV (1945) is represented in numerous Museums and Galleries in America and all over the world. Exhibition Saint Petersburgh State Russian Museum  from octobrer 31st  2007 untill  january 14th  2008,  Exhibition in the Moscow Museum Of Modern Art from december 24th 2008 untill january 18th 2009.

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Ilana Raviv Biography 

Ilana Raviv Moscow Museum Of Modern Art

Ilana Raviv, an American-Israeli artist, is currently painting at her Neve Tzedeck studio in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Born: Tel Aviv, Israel

Defines her art as "Synthetic Realism".

1980-1990 Lived in New York City.

1980-1984 Studied at the Art Student League in New York City. Among her teachers were: Roberto Delamonica, Bruce Dorfman and Knox Martin.

Exhibits: Galleries and museums in the U.S.A., Europe and Israel.

Her works are in private collections, corporate collections and museums.

One Person Shows:

On November 10th, 2016, a special event about art and law took place in hall number one of the Jerusalem Magistrate Court - the first historic hall of Israel's Supreme Court at the Russian Compound - in honor of the artist Ilana Raviv (Oppenheim) and the installation of two of her large works at the Magistrate Court.

Among the audience were numerous judges, including the Honorable Former Supreme Court Judge Gabriel Bach. Those delivering remarks included President of the Magistrate Court, the Honorable Judge Avital Chen, Curator Dr. Orna Yair, Manager of the Courts' Heritage Museum, Professor David Schwartz, , as well as the artist Ilana Raviv (Oppenheim).

Raviv's works can be viewed inside the entrance to the Magistrate Court in Jerusalem at the Russian Compound. Additional works can be viewed on her website at

Art and Law
An Event in Honor of the Artist Ilana Raviv
Hall No. 1
Jerusalem Magistrate Court
November 10th, 2016
Magistrate Court, 6 Heshin St., Jerusalem
Safra Square Parking, Shivtei Israel Street


 Ilana Raviv exhibition in Tel Aviv 7th March 2012

2008-2009 One person Show at The Moscow Museum of Modern Art  (Catalog) from december 24, 2008 until january 18, 2009

Direct link to the index page of the Museum on which you can see the exhibition Andy Warhol and Ilana Raviv :

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art published a book about this museal exhibition :


  Moscow Museum Of Modern Art Ilana Raviv's Book   Moscow Museum Of Modern Art Ilana Raviv's Book
  Moscow Museum Of Modern Art Ilana Raviv's Book  
  Moscow Museum Of Modern Art Ilana Raviv's Exhibition  Ilana Raviv signing the Book 
  Moscow Museum Of Modern Art Ilana Raviv's Exhibition  Moscow Museum Of Modern Art Ilana Raviv's Exhibition 
  Moscow Museum Of Modern Art Ilana Raviv's Exhibition  Ilana Raviv and the Israeli Ambassador to Russia Mrs Anna Azari

2008- Honored by the city of Tel-Aviv Jaffa as Women of the year in the arts for 2008
2007 - 2008 - Ilana Raviv at The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg (Catalog)
2006 - "Tabernacle of Peace - Homage to Zechariah"
has been installed for permanent display at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, Israel.
The painting, which measures 7 ft high by 26 ft wide, is displayed at the main entrance to the convention center.
2006 - Givaataim theater " Creators - subjective selection" Israel
2005 Eshkol for the Sciences and Arts, Ramat Gan, "Smiles and Surprises" - Israel
2004 BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
2002 Painters and Sculptors Association - Israel
12/2001-2/2002 Wilfried Israel Art Museum - Kibbutz Hazorea - Israel (Catalog)
2001 The Castra Gallery -Haifa - Israel
2000 The National Arts Club, New York City, New York (Catalog)
1993 The Studio Neve Tzedeck, Tel Aviv, Israel
1984 Bronx Museum of Art, New York (catalog)
1983 River Gallery Irvington, New York
1981 Cicchinnelli Gallery, New York
1971 Israelis Gallery, Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions; Commissions; Permanent Collections:

2008 Wilfred Israel Museum- "Salt of the earth" - Israeli profile ( Catalog)
2006 Box Heart's 6th Anniversary Exhibition
2005 Box Heart Gallery Celebrate the Season, Group Holiday Exhibition and Sale
2005 Givatayim Theatre - "Creators - Personal Choice"
2005 Museum Leeuwenbergh in Utrecht, The Netherlands- "Art for Nature"
2005 BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA 5th Anniversary Exhibition
2005 St. Davids Hall, Cardiff, Wales
2004 Mariner Gallery St Ives Cornwall, UK Awarded the 2004 Napa Kay Greenwood Casey Award
2004 BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh,PA The 8th Annual Sacred Art Exhibition
2004 NAPA International Exhibition, Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, Merseyside, UK
2004 - BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA "The Third Annual Art Inter/national"
2003 - "New Rivasinistra" Centro d'Arte e Cultura Contemporanea, Florence, Italy
2003, New Assioma - Centro d'Arte e Cultura, Prato, Italy (Catalog)
2002 NAPA International Exhibition, St. Ives, Cornwall, UK
2002 ,Clock Tower Gallery, Sheffield, UK.
2002 MAC21 Art Fair - Marbella (Catalog)
2002, Europ'Art, Paris
11/01 Awarded "Artist of the Week" at Global Art Information
2001 "10 Women - 10 Countries" exhibiton at Noosa Gallery representing Israel
2000 Bar David museum/outdoor exposition-Kibbutz Baram
2000 Xtreme Xteriors Xhibition at Marcus Garvey Park,
NewYork City, Curator: Gallery X, New York City.
2000 "Milestones for Peace", Organized by The International
Artists' Museum, Castra Art Center, Haifa, Israel
2000 Touchstone Gallery, Washington D.C.
2000 Sylvia White Gallery, Los Angeles
2000 World Art One Collection "2000 Reasons to Love the Earth",
Den Haag, The Netherlands
2000 Sylvia White Gallery, New York
2000 "Milestones for Peace", Organized by The International
Artists' Museum, "Jaffa Art 2000", Jaffa, Israel
2000 Peace Gallery, Art Center of Givat Haviva, Israel
1999 The Suan Pakkad Palace Museum, Bangkok, Thailand
1997 The National Arts Club, New York
1993 Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington D.C.;
Painting is in the permanent collection
1993 Stavit Gallery, Paris, France
1990 Garett Stephens Gallery, East Hampton, New York
1990 Riverdale YM YWHA Gallery, New York
1990 Strauss Gallery, New York
1989 Lamontage Gallery, New York
1987 Succoth Mural Painting, New York

In 1987, Ilana Raviv was commissioned to commemorate Israel's 40th anniversary by creating a painting for the Tabernacle of Peace, the largest tabernacle in the world. The painting and tabernacle were displayed in Union Square, downtown Manhattan NYC.  Spanning 212 cm x 800 cm (7 ft. x 26 ft.) the painting is on permanent display at the main entrance of the International Convention Center in Jerusalem.

Ilana Raviv About The Work and the Ancient Hebrew Script Ilana Raviv About The Work and the Ancient Hebrew Script  Ilana Raviv Tabernacle of Peace

1984 Dubelle Fine Art, New York
1983 C.D.S. Gallery, New York
1983 Byer Museum of Art, Illinois
1983 Dubelle Fine Art, New York
1983 Penisula Public Library, Lawrence, New York
1982 River Gallery Irvington, New York
1982 Arras Gallery, New York
1982 24th Annual Art Show, Westfield Chapter of Hadassah, New Jersey
1982 Art Expo, New York
1982 Jewish Community Center, Tenafly, New Jersey
1982 S.Morantz Gallery, Cliffside Park, New Jersey
1982 Guild Hall Museum of Art, East Hampton, New York
1982 Fine Arts Museum of Long Island, Hampstead, New York
1982 Bronx Museum of Art, New York
1982 "Art Show", 599 Broadway, New York
1981 Cicchinnelli Galleries, New York
1981 Ingber Gallery, New York
1981 S.Morantz Gallery, New York
1974 Bergman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
1972 Z.O.A. House, Tel Aviv, Israel

Member: National Association of Acrylic Painters (NAPA) UK
                 New York Artist Equity Association
                 Professional Organization of the Painters & Sculptors Association T.A., Israel.

Selected Publications:
ArtSpeak (July 1981). Christopher Millis, ArtSpeak, (November 1981). The Riverdale Press (November 1981). Beautiful Talent, Israel Shelanu (December 1981). Mary Abell, The Bohemian Tradition and Alternative Spaces, ArtSpeak (October 1982). The New Explosion: Paper Art, exh. cat., Fine Arts Museum of Long Island, New York (November 1982), CDS Gallery New York (1983). Claude LeSuer, New Talent's Tribute to Tradition, ArtSpeak (November 1983). The Village Voice (1983). Bronx Museum of the Arts Satellite Gallery Program, exh. cat., (1985). Israel Shelanu (November 1986). "Succoth Mural Celebrates Israel's Independence", The New York Times (October 1987). Real Estate Weekly (September 1987). Carol Polsky, "Is Heavy-duty Harvest Hut World's Largest Sukkah?", New York Newsday (October 1987). "World's Largest Sukkah Unveiled", The Jewish Press (October 1987). Jewish Community News (October 1987). The New York Jewish Week (October 1987). The Queens Jewish Week (October 1987). Hadoar (October 1987). The Riverdale Press (December 1987). Les Krantz, The New York Art Review, An Illustrated Survey of the City's Museums, Galleries and Leading Artists (1988). Moznaim Literary Publication (November 1995). Art 2000, Israeli Artists, Painters and Sculptors (1997). Moznaim Literary Publication (August 1997). Marquis Who's Who in the World (1998). Her Presence in Colors IV, exh. cat. International Women Artists, Marsi Gallery, Suan Pakkad Palace Museum, Thailand (2000). Gallery & Studio: The World of the Working Artist, N.Y. "Women's Lives & Myths" (November/December 2000) "Synthetic Realism": The Wilfrid Israel Museum of Oriental Art and Studies, exh. cat (December 2001), "Artists of Israel 2002" Editor: Yehuda May, Mechira Pumbit, 158pp , MAC21- International Contemporary Art Fair - Manifestaciones de Arte Contemporaneo, Exhibit Catalogue (July 2002) "1001 Reasons to Love the Earth", The World Art Collection, 528 pp. ed.: Frans van der Beek "Arte al Femminile" (Feminine Art) exh. cat. Published by "New Assioma" Centro d'Arte e Cultura Contemporanea" 48 pp., Agenda Prato (14 Marzo 2003), "Quattordici modi di declinare l'"Arte al femminile" (Il Terreno 12 Marzo, 2003) Hedwig Brenner: Judische Frauen in der bildenden Kunst II 394pp Hartung-Gorre Verlag Konstanz 2004



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