Picasso in Private: Works from the Collection of Marina Picasso

Ventes aux encheres des commissaires priseurs
5 February | London
“Without great solitude, no serious work is possible,” said Picasso. The studio was his sanctuary, particularly as his fame grew. The photographs we have of Picasso at work bring us into this creative space, where, surrounded by his own work, he continually reinvented himself. Those moments of innovation are particularly palpable in his drawings – perhaps the most intimate of mediums. More than 100 such works on paper will be joined by 70 ceramics and terracotta sculptures, all from the personal collection of the artist’s granddaughter, Marina Picasso. Together with highlights from the Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary sale in London, a selection of these works will be on view at Sotheby’s New York from 13 to 17 January. —Meghan Dailey

Pablo Picasso in 1960 Photo by Douglas Glass, © J.C.C. Glass

Pablo Picasso in 1960
Photo by Douglas Glass, © J.C.C. Glass Courtesy Sotheby's



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